Price: $375

Province: Alberta
City: Didsbury
Type: Pets

Striking, very intelligent, hardy, loyal and loving puppies!!
They are Shih Tzu x West Highland White Terrier's. These puppies have softer hair then the Westie but do have straight short hair just like their dad. We have one white male ($475) and two brindle & white males ($375) and two brindle & white females ($375).
They have the terrier stance but will be closer to the Shih Tzu size of 13-14lbs. Each puppy has had their vaccination and deworming. They are health sturdy little puppies and have a lot of get up and go. They are a very smart, active little cross and will make great pets for active households. They do shed a bit but have very low maintenace hair coats. They absolutely love being outside and are able to take the colder weather as they get older.
If you have questions about our cross please email.